Survivor Tuition becomes Law

Michigan House Bill 4247 will allow more children to access funds from the Survivor Tuition Grant.

The Survivor Tuition Grant is a program helping children of those killed in the line of duty receive aid to a public Michigan university.

“Michigan police officers and firefighters have served our communities with honor and dedication, and the Survivor Tuition Grant is crucial in honoring the children of our fallen first responders. This bill will streamline benefits under the Survivor Tuition Grant, helping alleviate the financial burden for the families of those who have sacrificed so much to keep us safe.” – Governor Whitmer.

House Bill 4247 was sponsored by Rep. Matt Koleszar D-Plymouth. “Our police officers, firefighters, and their families give so much for us,” said Rep. Matt Koleszar D-Plymouth. “With this action, we’re honoring the memories of all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice by honoring their commitments to their families after they pass. I’m thrilled to see this bill signed into law.”

The Michigan FOP has been working on correcting this bill since its inception and have testified every session on its passage.   “Our first responders deserve to know that their families will be taken care of and honored for the sacrifices they make”, said State President Mike Sauger.  “We applaud the legislature and Governor for working with us and getting this accomplished”.   

Survivor Tuition becomes Law
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