Police Supplemental Appropriations Bill Passed

The Michigan House of Representatives has passed a supplemental appropriations bill of nearly $370 million to support Police and Public Safety. Some of the key spending proposals included in the spending bill are:

  • $10 million for local law enforcement quarantine reimbursement  (to reimburse officers that were forced to quarantine and take personal time off because of exposure or possible exposure to COVID-19)
  • $ 2.5 million for signing bonuses for new corrections officers
  • $ 2.5 million for retention bonuses for corrections officers
  • $10 million for community police programs
  • $10 million for public safety signing bonuses
  • $7.5 million for first responder and public safety staff mental health services
  • $1 million for first responder bags
  • $40 million for public safety academy assistance programs to provide scholarships for police academy recruits and assistance with salaries for police cadets

The bill passed the House of Representatives 97-3 and is now awaiting further action by the Michigan Senate.

State President Mike Sauger was one of four law enforcement officials to testify on this bill before the House Appropriations and the FOP has been working on this since it’s introduction.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Police Supplemental Appropriations Bill Passed
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