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Dear Michigan Corrections Officer,

On behalf of the Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council (FOPLC), we appreciate the opportunity to address you. The FOPLC has been contacted by many of your fellow members over the past year asking what we can offer you and how do you switch unions, I will cover both of those questions in this letter. Let me start off that over a decade ago, a campaign to switch to the FOPLC was started but fell short by several hundred show of interest cards. Please be aware that these type of campaigns can get very ugly and downright nasty and things will be said that are not true.


The Public Employment Relations Act (PERA) governs when and how elections are done.

  1. An election can be held every three years even if the contract is longer.

  2. The window period is 150 to 90 days prior to the expiration of your collective bargaining agreement.

  3. After your collective bargaining agreement has expired and a new one is not in place.

What triggers an election?

A show of interest card, which is produced by the union, signed by over 33% of the membership. This includes officers that paid dues and those who have gone right to work. Both dues paying and right to work officers get to vote in the election. The card has a place for your name, address, date and the location and position you hold. Which would mean if there were a total of 8,000 corrections officers in the union (dues and non-dues paying) a minimum number of show of interest cards needed would be over 2,640, however, the goal would be over 3,000 as a solid show of support to change unions.

There is a show of interest card PDF you can download and fill out. It cannot be emailed or faxed because MERC requires an original signature. They can be collected and mailed  together or individually to 1457 East 12 Mile Road, Madison Heights Michigan 48071.The cards and information will not be shared with anyone.

There is also a place to enter your name and private email address along with your work location. This information will be used to update you on the progress of this campaign and any important information needed to pass along. Again, your information will not be shared with anyone. No cards will be turned into MERC until the goal has been reached and we are able to set up informational meetings across the state.

Union Structure

If the Michigan Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council were to become your union, locally you would have an internal structure (board or stewards) and statewide you would fall under the FOPLC Constitution and By-Law as well as any Operating Memos; things like grievance filing, appeals and arbitrations are controlled by the FOPLC internal procedures. A review of the efficiency and necessity of having your own office in Lansing would be immediate.

Resources.  Responsive.  Reliable. 

Our plan would be to have a business agent oversee a section or group of locations. This would be to provide support, guidance to local union officials and be responsive to any member needs.


The Michigan Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council does not, nor have we ever solicited funds from any of the citizens in Michigan to fund our operations. We leave that to those labor organizations who cannot survive on the dues it collects from its members. We are financially sound as we recently reported to the membership at the past State FOP Conference.

Political Donations and Candidate Support

The Michigan Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council does not, nor have we ever donated money to any political party, organization or candidate. Your dues money stays where it belongs, representing YOU.

Fraternal Membership

The FOPLC is a separate corporation registered in Michigan. The Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge of Michigan is the parent organization that we work under. They receive no money from the labor council and we receive no money from them. The State Lodge does the lobbying for all members across the state though Munchmore, Harrington, Smalley & Associates, LLC in Lansing, one of Michigan’s most prominent lobbying firms.  The Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge of Michigan is the oldest law enforcement organization in Michigan and was chartered in 1939.  Since then, the FOP has led the charge on fighting for rights and protections for all of us.  The Michigan FOP holds a seat on MCOLES, CLEAR Committee, Emergency 911 Board, Sheriff’s Advisory Committee and held two seats on the Governor’s Responsible Retirement Reform Task Force. 

Corrections Officers in Michigan are offered full membership and benefits if you choose to join a lodge near you or a Michigan State Corrections Officer Lodge could be started.

Legal Defense Plan

This service is included with your membership dues – at no extra cost.

  • Pre-Charge Consultation Coverage
  • No Coverage Limits
  • Coverage will not Drop for any Reason
  • Flexibility To Choose Your Own Attorney Civil and Criminal Coverage 

You have the opportunity to move your union in a different direction – and to also change the way that your contract negotiations are handled by your elected representatives.

The FOPLC will not only lookout for your interest in negotiations but also in contract enforcement and the protections that it provides.

Dues For All Bargaining Unit Members $37.00 Monthly

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the FOPLC at any of the numbers listed above, or email us at


David Willis     

David A. Willis
Director, FOPLC      

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Download this card; Complete the information and mail it to: 1457 East 12 Mile Road, Madison Heights, Michigan 48071

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